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Faculty Services



All exams submitted to the library via CSL Faculty Services are made available through the library's electronic reserves database. The exams are password-protected; students must enter their CUA user name and password to gain access.
Print Exams

Print copies of all exams submitted to the library via CSL Faculty Services are bound in volumes by semester and year. The bound exams are located in closed compact shelving on Floor 4. Only library staff have access to the bound exam volumes.

Graded Exams

The Law Library and the Office of Academic Affairs have implemented a virtual exam review facility which allows students to temporarily (up to 48hrs) review their own exam submission, the exam questions, and any other supplementary or explanatory material made available by the relevant faculty member (e.g., a model answer).  Students are not able to download, print, or share any of the material made available to them. Students may view comments on their graded exams, provided that those comments have been made digitally. See the link below for more information.



Please consult the Administrator's Guide to TWEN (link below) for information on how to use TWEN.

If you would like to create a course web page for some or all of your classes, the primary option available to you is TWEN (The West Education Network). TWEN is made available as part of the law school’s Westlaw system. It has a proven track record and is the system currently used by a majority of CUA Law faculty. In order to use TWEN you must first have an active Westlaw account.

For more information please consult the Administrator's Guide to TWEN, or for assistance with creating a web page for your course please contact Kristina Martinez or Melissa Kreiling.

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