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About CALI

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) provides a collection of over 950 interactive lessons and tutorials on over 30 law school subjects. CALI includes a variety of useful features:

  • LessonText: enables faculty to view and print a lesson in its entirety
  • LessonLink: enables faculty to assign lessons and view student scores
  • CALI Author: enables faculty to customize existing lessons or to create completely new ones
  • QuizWright: enables faculty to create and publish formative assessments for their classes
  • InstaPoll: enables faculty to create in-class student polls

Read more about these features and how to use them below.

How to Review and Assign Lessons

How to Review CALI Lessons
  1. Log into CALI's website
  2. Select a lesson
  3. Click "Faculty View" (left sidebar)
How to Assign CALI Lessons

You must create LessonLinks if you want to view student scores, completion rates, and usage of CALI lessons. Follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the CALI Dashboard (menu bar at the top of the CALI website)
  2. Click LessonLink
  3. Click Create LessonLinks
  4. Complete the form and click submit

A page will display that lists the custom url for the class page you just created (see the 3rd paragraph). Scroll down to see the custom urls for each lesson. You can post the class or lesson url on TWEN or anywhere you wish. Students will be prompted to login to CALI when they click the link. Students must access lessons by using the LessonLink url you created. Otherwise, their usage will not be recorded.

To view student scores and usage:

  1. Hover over the CALI Dashboard (menu bar at the top of the CALI website)
  2. Click LessonLink

Each lesson is listed with a "details" button and a "download CSV" button

  1. Click the details button to view student names and scores for each lesson. The "Total" column is the total number of questions in the lesson.
    • Compare the "Answered" column number with the "Total" column number to determine if students finished the lesson.
  2. You can download the results for each lesson or all of the lessons by clicking the appropriate download button. The file will open in Excel.

CALI LessonLive is a feature that extends CALI LessonLink and AutoPublish to allow teachers to use CALI Lessons live in the classroom and instantly get results as students run the Lesson. Read more at the link below.

CALI Author: How to Edit CALI Lessons

Faculty can use CALI Author to customize existing lessons or write new lessons for non-commericial purposes. You must download CALI Author to edit and create lessons (see link below for more information).

Other Features Listed on CALI Lesson Pages

Lesson Mapper: a map that represents all the pages in a CALI lesson, choices students could make, and the paths the lesson might follow.

Download: enables faculty to download the lesson and all associated images in the CALI Author software format. You must download CALI Author in order to download CALI lessons.


CALI QuizWright is a tool for creating and publishing formative assessments for your class. QuizWright gives law teachers a web-based platform to create and manage personal question banks and quizzes for their students. Faculty can write their own questions, or use the Question Bank.

The Question Bank contains questions on Constitutional Law, Contracts, and Property. These are questions publicly shared by the QuizWright community and extracted from CALI Lessons.


CALI InstaPoll is an online virtual clicker that allows a professor to quickly poll the class. You don't need to be logged into CALI to create a poll or respond to a poll. To create a poll:

  1. Click the link above.
  2. Click on the ‘Create a Poll’ button.
    • If you do not want students to be able to change their answers, uncheck the box next to “Students may change their answer.”
  3. Instruct students to:
    • Navigate to
    • Enter the Poll number (the number is at the top of your screen)
    • Select "Join a Poll"
  4. Provide the question and answer choices to the students, and ask them to enter their answers.
  5. Results will appear immediately on your screen in the form of a bar graph.
  6. To clear the results and another question, click "Reset."

Other CALI Features

CALI Registration

How to Register

  1. Email Circulation or Reference for the faculty authorization code.
  2. Click Register on the CALI website (see link below). Complete the registration process, which requires you to create your own username and password, in addition to entering the authorization code.