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Library Collection Services for Faculty

The Collection Services Department is responsible for acquisitions, cataloging, subscriptions, and the processing of library materials.

Temporary Change in Policies & Procedures

Please note that the policies and procedures described in this guide may be impacted by how the Law Library is responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Additionally, access to certain services and resources may be restricted. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Required Textbooks

The Library purchases required textbooks for day and evening sections of required and staple doctrinal courses only (see link below for list).  The textbooks kept on reserve are not intended as a substitute for student rental or purchase.  The library does not purchase other textbooks. 

Faculty who wish to place a textbook on reserve for their students are encouraged to donate a copy of the text to the library.  Review copies marked "Not for Resale" may be donated to the library.

Course Reserves

The Library purchases books and materials, other than required textbooks, for course reserve upon request. 

To request a course reserve purchase, please contact Frances Brillantine (ext. 4331). Please tell her the name of the course.  In most circumstances, the materials will be available within one week.  Rush delivery may be requested.

Purchasing Policy

If the requested item falls outside the scope of the Law Library's collection, is prohibitively expensive, or unreasonably duplicates existing resources, prior approval from the Law Library Director will be required.

All Library purchase decisions, including course reserves and faculty research support, are subject to the Library's collection development policy and budgetary constraints.

Books purchased from Library funds are CUA property.  CUA policy prohibits off-campus delivery of books and subscriptions.

Faculty Research Support

The Library supports faculty research by purchasing books and other materials for individual use.  These remain part of the library collection but are made available on long-term checkout.  When the materials are no longer needed, please return them to the library.  

To request a book purchase, contact Jeanne Hanrahan at ext. 6250.  Please specify that the item is to be checked out to you on arrival.  Materials are normally available within two weeks.  Rush delivery may be requested.

Also contact Jeanne for assistance with managing faculty office subscriptions, or to report delivery problems.  Please forward any invoices or renewal notices you may receive to the library for payment.

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