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Student Services

Library Essentials

Access to the law library is controlled by your CUA ID. Hold your ID in front of the card scanner outside the law library to enter.

Laptop Printing

How to Print

You must be in the law school building and signed onto CUA-SECURE (not the guest wifi) to install the printer script. Click the link below to download the printer install script.


Printer Locations

Copier/scanner/printers are located on Floors 2 and 4.


Can't Print?

Connect to printers via USB cables at the following locations:

  • Floor 2
    • A stand-alone printer with attached USB cable is located in the hallway on the counter near reference.
    • A stand-alone printer with attached USB cable is located in the Copy/Printer Room.
  • Floor 4
    • The copier/scanner/printer in the Floor 4 Copy/Printer Room has a USB cable attached.

Contact Len Davidson ( for help configuring your laptop to print wirelessly.

Scanning and Copying


Scanning is available at the following locations:

  • Copier/scanner/printers on Floors 2 and 4
    • You must scan to a or email address. The University will not permit scanning to any other domains.
    • Anyone can scan to the USB drive.

NOTE: Machines use Gmail to send scans. Google limits attachment sizes to 25MB. Anything over 25MB will not attach to the email. For this reason, machines are set to prompt you to stop scanning after a certain amount and send what you've scanned. You can then resume scanning. Keep in mind that if you are scanning a large amount, you will have to send several emails and your scans will be split up into several pdfs. If you have a large amount to scan, you may want to scan to the USB drive.

CUA Law journal students can scan to the journal designated drive. See your editor for the code.


Copier/scanner/printers are located on Floors 2 and 4 in the Copy/Printer Rooms.

You need a code in order to make copies. Ask for the code at the Circulation Desk.

Find Help

Have a question about library resources and services, or just a general question?



Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm

If you need to meet with a research librarian outside of the hours available here please contact us at Hours change for holidays, summer, and intersession. Check the Library Calendar for reference hours.

Reference Librarians have the knowledge and experience to help you with your information and research needs! Reference Librarians can help you locate information and resources, guide you through the research process, teach you how to use online databases, help you evaluate resources, and provide assistance with citation managers and style guides

Printing / Technology

Len Davidson, Systems Librarian
Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Located in the Reference Room - 235C

If you need help outside of the hours listed above please email To arrange virtual help email

Circulation / Interlibrary Loan

Monday - Thursday: 8am - 6:30pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm