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Research Assistance

Reference Librarians

Professional reference librarians are available in the Reference Room during the hours listed below. Reference Librarians have the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your information and research needs. Reference Librarians can:

  • Help you locate information and resources
  • Guide you through the research process
  • Teach you how to use online databases
  • Offer suggestions on how to evaluate resources
  • Provide assistance with citation managers and style guides
Monday - Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

Hours change for holidays, summer, and intersession. Sunday reference is available only during fall and spring semesters. 


Online Resources

Law Library Databases

The Law Library subscribes to over 35 specialized legal research databases. All databases are available on campus (you must be on CUA-SECURE to use most databases on your laptop). Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg, and CALI require an individual password. Contact a reference librarian if you need a password.

To use databases off-campus, you must go through the law library's website. Enter your Catholic University user name and password when prompted.

Popular Law Library Databases
National News
All Law Library Databases
Catholic University‚Äč Library Databases

Library Newsletter for Students

What's Available at the Circulation Desk?

  • Books Recommended by your Professors (search the Course Reserves link below)
  • Power cords for Macbooks
  • Power cords for laptops & tablets
  • Adjustable laptop tables
  • Webcams
  • Free earplugs
  • Free earbuds (one per student)

Summer & Post-Graduation Access to Research Databases

Law Library Research Databases

Rising students continue to have uninterrupted off-campus access to most of the Law Library's research databases during the summer (login using your CUA user name and password).  Unfortunately, due to licensing agreements, we are unable to provide graduating students with off-campus access to the law library's research databases.  As alumni, graduating students are able to access many of the databases from on campus.  Information specific to Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance and Westlaw is outlined below.

Bloomberg Law

Your Bloomberg Law account will automatically remain available to you during the summer. You can use your password if you are a Research Assistant, an intern or even a Summer Associate with a law firm or the government. Password access extension is available to graduating students for six months after graduation. 

Lexis Advance

Continuing students with a registered Lexis Advance ID automatically have full access to Lexis Advance for any purpose (educational or commercial) over the summer.

Graduating students with a registered Lexis Advance ID automatically will have full access to Lexis Advance through the end of the calendar year for educational, bar review, and job search purposes.  Graduating students’ view of the Lexis Home Page will switch from their current view to the graduate view.  Alternatively, graduating students doing public interest work may be eligible for Lexis' ASPIRE program.


Continuing students are automatically enrolled in summer use. You can only use Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw® and Practical Law, over the summer for non-commercial research. You can turn to these resources to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills, but you cannot use them in situations where you are billing a client. Summer password use is available only if a student is using the database for:

  • School-related work or for school credit

  • Law review and journal, including write-on competitions

  • Moot court

  • Research assistant positions

  • Unpaid internships / externship

Graduating students have access to Thomson Reuters products, including Westlaw and Practical Law, for six-months after graduation. Your “Grad Elite” access gives you 60-hours of usage on these products per month to gain understanding and build confidence in your research skills. While you cannot use it in situations where you are billing a client, you can use these tools to build your knowledge of the law and prepare for your bar exam. In addition, you get access to job searching databases on Westlaw and TWEN for 18-months after graduation for 1-hour a month.

University Library Databases

Rising students continue to have uninterrupted off-campus access to most of the CUA University Library's research databases during the summer (login with your University network credentials).  Graduating students do not have remote access to most CUA library electronic subscriptions. However, a select few vendors do allow alumni access from off campus.  More information may be found at the University Library's alumni site linked below.

Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library / 3600 John McCormack Road N.E., Washington, DC 20064 / 202-319-5155