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Law Journal Staff: A Research & Policy Guide

A guide for the staff of the Catholic University Law Review and the Catholic University Journal of Law & Technology.

Finding Books

Can't Find What You Need?

If the book isn't available on campus, see the Interlibrary Loan tab in this guide.

Law Library Catalog Search Tips

Basic Search

Basic Search looks for all of the words entered in the search box, located anywhere in the catalog record. The search will retrieve books, databases & articles. You can then refine the results by using the categories on the left side of the screen. You can limit by format, publication date, etc.

Since Basic Search looks for all of the words entered in the search box, you should not use boolean connectors (such as "and" & "or"). Use Advanced Search if you want to use boolean connectors.

Advanced Search

Advanced search enables you to search for keyword in author, in title or in subject. You can use connectors and also limit searches by format, year, and location.

How to Locate On-Point Resources

Search Results Sidebar

The search results sidebar on the left has a number of tools to help you refine your search:

  • Found In: use this to narrow results keywords in the author, title or subject fields
  • Format: use this to narrow results to HeinOnline articles, books, online resources, etc.
  • Topic: this is set of search terms taken from all of the subject fields of the bibliographic records in your search results. Note that when you click on a term, you will be performing a new search for that subject.
  • Established Terms: these are terms established by the Library of Congress to ensure consistency in bibliographic records.For example, the established term for death penalty is "capital punishment." For a comprehensive search of your topic, click the established term in the search results sidebar.

Search Tips

  • Phrase searching: use quotation marks to search a phrase (for example, "right to life")
  • Wild cards: use he asterisk symbol (*) for wild card searches. For example, a search for enviro* pol* will display results on environment politics, environmental policy, etc.
  • Subject searches: when you find a title that is on point, go into the record and scroll down to the subject area. Click any of the subject links to find all of the resources cataloged under that particular subject heading. This will usually give you more precise results. For example, a keyword search for "death penalty" will give you nearly 300 results. If you are interested only in the US history of the death penalty, click on an on-point title, scroll down and click on "Capital punishment -- United States -- History" to narrow down your results.
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