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Academic Success: Study Aids, Exam Prep, and More

This guide contains information on resources to help you with coursework, exam preparation, and to succeed in law school.

Exam Prep Study Aids Flowchart

Not sure where to start? Or what to use?  Check out this flowchart that shows what exam prep study aids are available by feature.

Exam Prep Study Aids

These series include problems/ questions and model answers relating to the area of law being discussed. All series are available online.

Exam Prep Study Aids by Feature

Key to abbreviations used below:

  • LD: Lexis Digital Library
  • WA: West Academic Online Study Aids
  • AP: Aspen Publishing Online Study Aids
  • P: Print only
Feature Series
Review and Understand Key Concepts

Examples & Explanations (AP)

Emanuel Crunchtime (AP)

Inside series (AP)

Acing Series (WA)

Concepts & Insights (WA)

Understanding Series (LD)

Practice Multiple Choice Questions

Emanuel Crunchtime (AP)

Exam Pro Objective (WA)

Friedman’s Practice Series (AP)

Glannon Guides (AP)

Mastering Multiple Choice for Federal Civil Procedure (WA)

Questions & Answers (LD)

Practice Short Answer Questions

Acing (WA)

Emanuel Crunchtime (AP)

Examples & Explanations (AP)

Questions & Answers (LD)

Steve Emanuel’s First Year Questions & Answers (AP)

Step-by-Step (WA)

Practice Essay Questions

Exam Pro Essay (WA)

Step-by-Step (WA)

Friedman's Practice Series (AP)

Emanuel Crunchtime (AP) - select titles


Acing Series (checklists) (WA)

Emmanuel Crunchtime (AP)

Off the Charts Law Summaries (P)
Ref - Study Skills - KF388 .S34 2014

Contract Law, Flowcharts and Cases (P)

Interactive / Simulated

Exam Pro (select subjects) (WA)

Step-by-Step (WA)


Emanuel Law Outlines (AP)

Black Letter Outlines (WA)

Gilbert Law Summaries (WA)

Quick Reviews (WA)

Past Exams

The law library provides online access to past exams given in the law school, when available. Some professors don’t provide access to past exams through the law library. If you are unable to locate exams for your professors, please check with them.

Exams are searchable by professor and by course. If we have exams for your professor, you'll see the course name followed by EXAMS. In the example below, Father O'Brien has exams for Family Law and Trusts & Estates. He also has books on course reserve for both classes. Course reserves are listed under non-EXAM entries.

Family Law- EXAMS 
Trusts & Estates- EXAMS 
Trusts And Estates 
Family Law

Use the search box below to locate exams. You must enter your CUA user name and password to view and print exams. Contact with questions.

Virtual Exam Review

The staff at the Law Library has created a system that allows law students to request their own exam submission, the exam questions/prompts, and any other supplementary or explanatory material made available by the faculty (e.g. model answers).

Visit the Law Library’s TWEN page for more information and to submit a request. Please note that you will need to add the Law Library as a course on TWEN.

Requests can be submitted at any time, but the Law Library is able to respond to requests only M-Th 10am-6pm, and Fridays 8am - 4pm. Access will expire at 11:59pm (EST) two days after you receive the documents. If you need access again, please submit a request using the form on the Law Library's TWEN page. You can make multiple requests for the same exam. Exams are retained on file for 12-18 months, so they are available for review throughout the academic year.

Exam Strategies & Study Skills

Linked titles are available online through West Academic Study Aids. Print titles are located in the Reference Room and may be checked out for 1 week, with a renewal of 1 week.

Westlaw, Lexis, and CALI

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