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Academic Skills: Study Aids, Exam Prep, and More

This guide contains information on resources to help you with coursework, exam preparation, and to succeed in law school.

Study Aids for Exam Prep : Problem-based Series

These series include problems/ questions and model answers relating to the area of law being discussed. Series with a book icon are located at the circulation desk. Linked series are available online through West Study Aids or WK Study Aids.

Past Exams

The law library provides online access to past exams given in the law school. Faculty are not required to submit their exams, so not all exams are available.

You must enter your CUA user name and password to view and print exams. 

Exams are searchable by professor and by course. Use the search box below to locate exams.

NOTE: You must be on CUA-SECURE to access pass exams.

Need Help?

Email Circulation if you need help accessing exams.

Review Graded Exams

A number of faculty place their most recent graded exams on file with the library.  The graded exams, together with any supporting documentation, are available in the Reference Room on the main floor of the library.

Only librarians can retrieve exams for students. During the school year, librarians are available according to the schedule below. Ask for a librarian at the Circulation Desk if none are available in the Reference Room.

Mon - Thurs 8am - 7pm
Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat No access
Sun 11am - 7pm                    

Please note the following policies:

  • Students must provide either their exam number or their student ID in order to review their exam.

  • All exam materials must stay in the Reference Room.*

  • Students may not copy or record (in writing or any other form) exam questions or model answers, or the substance thereof.  A student is permitted to take notes regarding his/her own performance, and questions for the professor.

  • All exam materials must be returned to a librarian.

*A student may take exam material to a meeting with a professor only if instructed to do so by the professor.

Exam Strategies & Study Skills

The following titles are located in the Reference Room and can be checked out for 1 week with 1 renewal. Linked titles are available online through West Academic Study Aids.

Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library / 3600 John McCormack Road N.E., Washington, DC 20064 / 202-319-5155