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Academic Success: Study Aids, Exam Prep, and More

This guide contains information on resources to help you with coursework, exam preparation, and to succeed in law school.

Exams Overview

Both of these resources require access through the Law Library's TWEN site, so please be sure to add this to your TWEN account.

This page contains information on two different types of exams for students to review.  The first box, Examples of Past Exams, focuses on how to access sample past exams provided by professors.  These are older exams that you will not have taken and are provided purely as examples of how the exam was administered in the past.

The second box, Review Your Exam, focuses on how to access exams you have recently taken. In other words, your submission and any other accompanying documents provided by your professor.

Please note that the Law Library can only make available past exams or recent submissions made available to us by the faculty, however not all faculty participate in these programs.


Sample Past Exams

This resource must be accessed through the Law Library's TWEN site.

The law library provides access to past exams given in the law school, when available. Some professors don’t provide access to past exams through the law library. If you are unable to locate exams for your professors, please check with them.

Visit the Law Library’s TWEN page to obtain the Sample Past Exams Drive link. Please note that you will need to add the Law Library as a course on TWEN.

Although the exams are arranged chronologically you can search the drive to locate exams by course name or professor.  More information on how to do this is located in the guide below.

You must be logged into Google with your CUA username and password to view the Sample Past Exams folder. Contact with questions.

Review Your Exam

This resource must be accessed through the Law Library's TWEN site.

The Review Your Exam system allows law students to request their own exam submission and, if available, the exam questions/prompts and any other supplementary or explanatory material made available by the faculty (e.g. model answers).

While requests can be submitted at any time, the Law Library is only able to respond to requests M-F 10am-6pm. In order to comply with University policies regarding student records, responses to requests will only be sent to email addresses. Access will expire at 11:59pm (EST) two days after you receive the documents. If you need access after the time has expired please submit another request through TWEN. The downloading, copying, printing or sharing of any documents received through this system is not permitted.

Visit the Law Library’s TWEN page to submit a request. Please note that you will need to add the Law Library as a course on TWEN.  Some professors don't use this system for exam review. Contact your professor if you don't see your class listed on the request form.