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Academic Skills: Study Aids, Exam Prep, and More

This guide contains information on resources to help you with coursework, exam preparation, and to succeed in law school.

What are Study Aids?

Study aids (sometimes referred to as supplements) are intended to assist students in a variety of ways. Students can use study aids to acquire a broad overview of a topic, review and better understand specific concepts, and test the application of concepts. Unlike casebooks, study aids provide explanations, analysis, practice questions, and model answers.

This page lists the various study aids that the law library has purchased for your use. 

Wolters Kluwer (WK) Online Study Aids

WK Study Aids provides unlimited online access to hundreds of titles from Wolters Kluwer Legal Education. Nine series are available, including Examples & Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines, and Glannon Guides. Books on academic success are also included.

  • You must access the study aids through the library's proxy server if you are on the wifi or off-campus. Bookmark the link below.
  • You must create a WK login to download titles, print, highlight, and take notes.

WK Study Aids is limited to CUA Law students and faculty.

West Academic Online Study Aids

West Academic Study Aids provides unlimited online access to hundreds of titles from West Academic Publishing. Over twenty series are available, including High Court Case Summaries, Exam Pro, Gilberts, audio lectures, and more. Books on academic success, bar preparation, and career success are also included.

  • Access West Study Aids through the library website, or through
  • You must create a West Academic login (not the same as your Westlaw login) to download titles, highlight, take notes, and save favorites

West Academic Study Aids is limited to CUA Law students and faculty.

Study Aids on Reserve

Current editions of the following series are on reserve at the circulation desk. The library purchases titles for all required and staple subjects. Other subjects are purchased on a select basis. Older editions for select titles are available in the stacks. Linked series are available online in full-text through either West Academic Study Aids or WK Study Aids.

Study Aids: Audio

Physical CDs are located in the Reference Room and can be checked out for 1 week with 1 renewal. Audio lectures are also available via West Online Study Aids. Click the "series" tab on West Academic Study Aids to locate, or click the links below.

Study Aids Keyed to Casebooks


Restatements are secondary sources that seek to create a uniform "restatement" of the legal rules that constitute the common law in a particular area.  They are written by the American Law Institute (ALI), a prestigious legal organization composed of noted professors, judges and lawyers. They are not binding legal authority.

Each Restatement consists of a set of topical volumes, which contain the actual "black letter" legal rules and drafters' commentary, and a set of Appendix volumes, which contain summaries of cases which have adopted or interpreted the Restatement rules.

To locate Restatements, do a keyword search in the law library catalog.

Law Library Catalog

Study Aids Finder

Study Aids by Type (Case Briefs, Outlines, Problem-Based, etc.)

Key to abbreviations used below:

  • WA: West Academic Online Study Aids
  • WK: WK Online Study Aids
  • P: Print (on reserve at the circulation desk)


These series provide comprehensive explanation and analysis. They are more detailed than other types of study aids.

  • Aspen Student Treatise series (P)
  • Concise Hornbooks (WA, P)
  • Examples & Explanations (WK, P)
  • Hornbooks (WA, P)
  • Mastering series (P)
  • Understanding series (P)
Case Briefs

Case briefs summarize the law, facts, and analysis of the cases students are assigned in course casebooks. Many are keyed to specific casebooks. Commercial case briefs are not a substitute for reading and briefing assigned cases.

  • Casenote Legal Briefs (WK)
  • ​High Court Case Summaries (WA)
  • Legalines (WA)


These titles focus on black letter law and legal rules.  They often include exam tips and sample questions. Some outlines are keyed to specific casebooks. Commercial outlines are not a substitute for creating your own outline.

  • Black Letter Outlines (WA)
  • Emanuel Law Outlines (WK, P)
  • Gilbert Law Summaries (WA, P)
  • Quick Reviews (WA)


These titles provide a concise narrative explanation of the major doctrines in each substantive area of law, and offer a good introduction to key concepts and legal terminology.

  • Inside series (WK)
  • Jumpstart (WK)
  • Nutshells (WA, P)
  • Short & Happy Guides (WA, P)


These series include problems/ questions and model answers relating to the area of law being discussed. These are good for exam preparation.

  • Acing series (WA, P)
  • Emanuel Crunchtime (WK)
  • Exam Pro (WA)
  • Examples & Explanations (WK, P)
  • Friedman's Practice Series (WK)
  • Glannon Guides (WK)
  • Questions and Answers (P)
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