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Technology Basics for Students

This guide is intended to help CUA Law students get started using technology in the law school.

Laptop Printing

How to Print

You must install the printer install script in order to print from your laptop. Go to the link below and click "printer install script."

You must be in the law school building and signed onto CUA-SECURE (not the Guest wireless) to install the printer script.

Printer Locations

A photocopier/scanner/printer is located in the lobby of the Library just outside of the Reference Room (Room 235).  An additional photocopier/scanner/printer is located on the 3rd floor of the Library across from the restrooms.  

Can't Print?

USB cables are attached to a stand-alone printer in the lobby on Floor 2.  Attach your laptop to a printer using the USB cable. USB printing is also available on the Floor 3 and Floor 4 photocopier/scanner/printers.

Contact Len Davidson for help configuring your laptop to print wirelessly.

Technology Questions?

Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library / 3600 John McCormack Road N.E., Washington, DC 20064 / 202-319-5155