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Technology Basics for Students

This guide is intended to help CUA Law students get started using technology in the law school.

Scanning and Copying


Scanning is available at the following locations:

  • Copier/scanner/printers on Floors 2 and 4
    • ‚ÄčYou must scan to a or email address. The University will not permit scanning to any other domains.
    • Anyone can scan to the USB drive.

NOTE: Machines use Gmail to send scans. Google limits attachment sizes to 25MB. Anything over 25MB will not attach to the email. For this reason, machines are set to prompt you to stop scanning after a certain amount and send what you've scanned. You can then resume scanning. Keep in mind that if you are scanning a large amount, you will have to send several emails and your scans will be split up into several pdfs. If you have a large amount to scan, you may want to scan to the USB drive.

CUA Law journal students can scan to the journal designated drive. See your editor for the code.


Copier/scanner/printers are located on Floors 2 and 4 in the Copy/Printer Rooms.

You need a code in order to make copies. Ask for the code at the Circulation Desk.

Technology Questions?

Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library / 3600 John McCormack Road N.E., Washington, DC 20064 / 202-319-5155