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Library Publications

A collection of the publications authored and compiled by the staff of the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library.

2022 Student Survey: Library Response

Thank you to everyone who completed the law library’s student survey.  We received valuable feedback, which will help guide future projects. We’ve analyzed the results and read every comment submitted. Over the coming weeks, we’ll use the survey results to help us improve the services and resources that you have identified as being important to you.

Key Findings
  • Twenty-two percent of law students participated in the survey. This response rate is encouraging, given the pandemic’s impact on in-person library attendance. We were particularly pleased to see a high rate of participation from the 2E, 3E, and 3D classes (27% for 2E and 3E, 25% for 3D).
  • Overall student satisfaction with library service remained high, with 100% of respondents rating the level of service as either good or excellent.
  • The percentage of students seeking in-person reference assistance fell from twenty-six percent in 2018 to fourteen percent in 2022. This is no doubt due to the implementation of virtual research consultations during the pandemic that were continued as an option when in-person instruction resumed.
  • Wifi and printing have improved significantly since 2018. Eighty-three percent of respondents indicated that they printed either wirelessly using their laptop or using one of the library’s desktop computers, and there were no wifi complaints. After the 2018 survey, we asked Technology Support to systematically check all wifi access points in the Law School. They replaced the oldest access points, which strengthened the wifi and improved wireless printing.
  • Library hours on Fridays and Saturdays are too short for some students, particularly those enrolled in the evening program.

For complete findings, see the executive summary and raw data above.

Library Response

While students are generally satisfied with library services, resources and facilities, there are a number of areas of concern. These concerns and the library's response are discussed below.

  • Library Hours

A number of students noted that closing at 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays is not inclusive in regards to evening students. The law library administration will consider extending Friday and Saturday hours, depending on usage during extended hours during the reading and exam period. 

  • Study Rooms

Sixty-two percent of respondents use the library study rooms, and several students requested that more be added. The law library will explore options for adding more study rooms this summer.

  • Marketing and Outreach

A number of respondents commented that they don't have a good sense of the resources the library offers, and a few resources were largely unknown to the majority of respondents. This summer, the library will work on developing a plan to effectively market our resources and services to students.

  • Temperature

Several students reported that the library is too cold. The temperature in the library (and in much of the law school) is centrally controlled by CUA Facilities and set to fall in the 68 – 72 degree range. Library staff monitor the temperature regularly and report problems to CUA Facilities immediately.

  • Noise Level

We received a few complaints about noise in the library. The library staff regard this as a self-policing issue. We ask that students be respectful of one another in the Silent and Quiet zones of the library. The only Social zone is on Floor 2, between the front doors and the double doors that lead to the stairs.

Even though the survey has ended we still want to hear from you. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions to Thank you for providing input and making your library a better resource.

Select Comments and Library Response

CommentI would like the library to offer a writing center. As future attorneys, in practice we will have the opportunity for written work to be reviewed by peers. When submitting final papers at school it would be nice to have a writing center to review it. Even if to just check basic grammar and citations.
Response: This suggestion will be forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs.

CommentIf the law library had a color printer (even if we had to pay for it), my life would be so much easier! Lots of study guides are in color, and lots of outlines are in color.
Response: Unfortunately, purchasing a color printer isn't feasible right now. The Office of Events and Conference Services (Room 204 in the Pryz) offers color printing and copying.

CommentSomewhat unfortunately, I am a physical-book reader (instead of online e-book access) and it is challenging to access current copies of physical study materials for my classes when so much of the library's materials have been pushed exclusively online or limited to the reserve desk.
Response: A number of students have mentioned that they prefer print study aids. Due to budgetary constraints, we try wherever possible not to duplicate electronic materials in print. However, we will revisit the possibility of purchasing print study aids in light of these requests.

CommentIt would be nice if some of the bar prep materials were available electronically rather than in limited hard copies. Signage/maps also could be better.
Response: There aren't many online bar prep materials that are available to law libraries, due to licensing restrictions. We will request a quote for Aspen's Bar Review Collection. However, as mentioned in our response to the comments received regarding print study aids, we try wherever possible not to duplicate electronic materials in print, due to budgetary constraints. We will work on signage and maps over the summer.

CommentsThe desk attendants, especially Madison Pepe, are extremely helpful. The library staff are so great! Librarians are unfailingly friendly and helpful, no matter what the nature of the request. They have really stepped up and taken on a lot of additional responsibilities since COVID began. I appreciate all of the time and effort they spend helping professors with classroom technology. The research librarians are superb. Kristina is the best research librarian ever!
Response: Thank you!

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