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A collection of the publications authored and compiled by the staff of the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library.

2018 Student Survey: Library Response

We want to thank everyone who completed the law library’s recent student survey.  We received valuable feedback, which will help guide future projects. We’ve analyzed the results and read each and every comment submitted. Over the coming weeks, we’ll use the survey results to help us improve the services and resources that you have identified as being important to you.

Key Findings
  • Twenty-three percent of law students participated in the survey (57% day, 42% evening, 1% MLS).
  • The rate of evening student participation in the survey almost doubled compared with 2016.
  • Seventy-seven percent of respondents report that they use the library daily or several times a week.
  • The percentage of respondents who found Library Guides useful went up from 44% in 2016 to 69% in 2018. The number who didn't know about them went down from 49% in 2016 to 26% in 2018.
  • Overall student satisfaction with library service declined approximately 10% across the board.
  • In most areas, the students are more self-sufficient and rely less on library staff for assistance than they did in 2016.
  • Wifi connectivity is generally satisfactory, but could be improved.
  • Although the majority of respondents rated most aspects of library facilities as excellent or good, overall satisfaction with library facilities decreased in all areas except for safety and casual seating.

For complete findings, see the executive summary and raw data above.

Library Response

While students are generally satisfied with library services, resources and facilities, there are a number of areas of concern. These concerns and the library's response are discussed below.

  • Technology
  • Wireless printing: CUA Technology Services requires that students install printers on their laptops in order to print. The library will research ways to streamline wireless printing, but new methods must conform with University requirements. Please navigate to for help installing printers, or email Len Davidson at
  • Wifi: Library staff will track wifi speeds on all floors of the library and request that CUA Technlogy Services replace and/or add access points where necessary. A very recent upgrade of wifi connectivity on the 2nd floor may not have been fully reflected in the survey due to it occurring shortly before the release of the survey. 
  • Lobby PCs: These PCs have been updated to new machines with solid state hard drives. Speed and login time are significantly improved.
  • Noise Level

Seventy-eight percent of respondents rated the library noise level as excellent or good. We did receive a few complaints about noise in the comments section. The library staff regard this as a self-policing issue. We ask that students be respectful of one another in the Silent and Quiet zones of the library. The only Social zone is on Floor 2, (the front of the library to the printer room).

  • Library Hours

We received several requests for later hours and/or 24-hour access. Staffing the library later than the metro operates is unfortunately not feasible, and 24-hour access to the library is not possible due to security concerns. The library administration will consider extending Friday and Saturday hours, based on usage.

  • Library Facility

Library staff monitor the facility on a daily basis, refilling supplies where needed, and reporting problems to CUA Facilities Maintenance and Operations.

  • Temperature: The temperature in the library (and in much of the law school) is centrally controlled by CUA Facilities and set to fall in the 68 – 72 degree range. Library staff monitor the temperature regularly and report problems to CUA Facilities immediately. We share students' frustration with the frequent extreme fluctuations.
  • Lights: Library staff submit a list of all overhead lights needing attention to CUA Facilities Maintenance and Operations every Monday. The response time to these lists varies according to workload. Over the summer, CUA Facilities will check all carrel and table lights, making repairs and replacing bulbs where necessary. The humming sound emanates from the lights that line the skylight. The library is exploring the possibility of replacing these lights, however this may depend on the associated costs.
  • Study Chairs: Seventy-five percent of respondents rated the study chairs as excellent or good. We did receive several comments indicating the chairs are unstable. The library plans to replace a number of study chairs this summer.
  • Library Service

    While the majority of respondents rated circulation student staff and media services staff as either excellent or good (73% and 63% respectively), comments indicate that there is room for improvement. The library administration is considering a number of approaches to improve service in these two areas.

  • Library Resource​s
  • Library Newsletter: The library newsletter will regularly feature research tips, study tips, and items we think students will find relevant.
  • Awareness of library services and resources: The library has a large variety of resources that it hopes the students will fully utilize. Always striving to improve our service, the library is investigating ways to better publicize these resources. 
  • Student suggestions: The library will consider a number of suggestions, including color printing, 24-hour lockers, library resource sessions, and assistance learning legal software.

Even though the survey has ended we still want to hear from you. Students are encouraged to submit suggestions using the link below. Thank you for providing input and making your library a better resource.