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A collection of the publications authored and compiled by the staff of the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library.

2010 Student Survey: Library Response

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As many of you know, the DuFour Law Library recently conducted a survey to determine how you, the law students, perceive library services and facilities. First, we want to thank you for your participation in the survey. We were very pleased with the response rate; a total of 271 students participated in the survey, over 31% of the total law school student population. In particular, we would like to extend a note of gratitude to the graduating students who responded. As a graduate you may not directly benefit from the results of the survey; however, by participating you are helping to make the Library and the Law School a better facility for future CUA law students. Second, we want you to know that the responses you provided are taken very seriously. In addition to compiling your responses to the questions we have also read each and every comment submitted. Comments are very helpful to us as we analyze survey results. As soon as we assimilated the results of the survey a number of senior library staff met to discuss how we can respond, both in the short term and in the long term, to the issues that are of concern to you. This document outlines those issues and details our plan to address them.

Overall we are very pleased to report that most of you rated library services (Circulation and Reference) as either excellent or very good. In addition, you provided very encouraging feedback on the library's print and online resources, both of which elicited mostly excellent or very good responses. From your responses and comments we know that a number of students are unaware of our online databases and would appreciate further instruction on the various resources available. Turning to the Library as a facility, all aspects of the facility received a higher percentage of positive ratings than negative. However, we are aware that temperature continues to be a problem, as well as the need for more comfortable seating. All of these points, together with a number of other issues and our responses to them, are discussed in greater detail below.

Library Response


  • Chairs: the Library hopes to phase in a number of new, ergonomic chairs for carrels and tables over the next few years. We plan to involve students in testing a selection of chairs in the near future.
  • Temperature: the temperature in the Library is centrally controlled and set to fall in the 68 – 72 degree range. Regular temperature readings taken with a hand-held digital thermometer indicate that the temperature does consistently fall in this range. However, we realize that it often feels colder than 68 degrees, particularly by the windows. Therefore, the Library will request that the temperature range be raised several degrees. Please note that the final decision on temperature is made by the University’s Facilities Maintenance & Operations Department.
  • Lounge seating: we recognize that one of the more popular aspects of the Library is the lounge seating areas dotted around the facility. As a result the Library will add more lounge seating to various locations throughout the Library.
  • Noise continues to be an issue for students. The Library has attempted to achieve a balance between quiet areas and those areas where talking is permitted. We ask that students be respectful of one another and not talk in the quiet end of the library. Faculty and staff have also been reminded of the need for quiet.


  • Laptop Printers: although over 86% of respondents are satisfied with laptop printer availability, the comments we received indicate that students often find availability an issue during times of peak usage. Therefore, photocopiers on all three floors will be configured to allow printing (still at no charge), bringing the number of available printers to nine. The Library will also consider adding another laptop printer to Floor 2.
  • Computers: the Library will upgrade the computers in the library lobby. Responses to the survey indicated that computer usage on the 4th Floor is fairly low. As a result, a number of these computers will be removed to provide more study space. The remaining computers will upgrading with additional RAM.  Flat screen monitors will replace some of the existing monitors.
  • Staplers: we apologize for the recent shortage of blue staple cartridges. These cartridges are available only from a few suppliers and all were out of stock. However, that is no excuse for not providing a basic necessity. We will add staplers to all three copy rooms and replace them as necessary. Staplers will also be locked down.

Library Resources

  • Online databases: the Library will redesign the online databases page, add a search feature, and promote the availability of our online databases.
  • Print resources: the Library will promote the availability of commercially-produced study aids and ensure that these resources are kept current. In light of some of the comments we received, we will consider expanding our holdings in Asian law, particularly Chinese law. The Library will relocate our popular magazines to the lounge area near Reference. It is hoped that by providing these materials with a more visible location more students will be aware of their availability.
  • Awareness of library resources: the Library has a large variety of resources that it hopes the students will fully utilize. Always striving to improve our service, the Library is investigating ways to better publicize these resources.

 Questions or comments?  You can always reach us via the Library suggestion box.