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A collection of the publications authored and compiled by the staff of the Judge Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library.

2006 Student Survey: Library Response

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As many of you know, from March 13th through March 26th 2006, the DuFour Law Library conducted a survey to determine how you, the law students, perceive library services and facilities. First, we want to thank you for your participation in the survey. We were very pleased with the response rate; a total of 279 students participated in the survey, almost 30% of the total law school student population. In particular, we would like to extend a note of gratitude to the graduating students who responded. As a graduate you may not directly benefit from the results of the survey, however by participating you are helping to make the Library and the Law School a better facility for future CUA law students. Second, we want you to know that the responses you provided are taken very seriously. In addition to compiling your responses to the questions we have also read each and every comment submitted. As soon as we assimilated the results of the survey a number of senior library staff met to discuss how we can respond, both in the short term and in the long term, to the issues that are of concern to you. This document outlines those issues and details our plan to address them.

The survey measured three general areas, each of which will be addressed below in terms of how we will respond to your feedback:

1. Library service
2. Library collection and web page
3. Library facilities

Overall we are very pleased to report that you rated library services (Circulation and Reference) as either excellent or good. In addition, you provided very encouraging feedback on the library collection and webpage, both of which elicited mostly excellent or good responses. From your responses and comments we know that there are a number of you who would appreciate further instruction on the various library resources available to you; this is something we hope to address on an on-going basis. Turning to the Library as a facility, the majority of you rated the facilities as comfortable and conducive to studying; however we are aware that there are some issues regarding the availability and/or quality of certain types of equipment. All of these points, together with a number of other issues and our responses to them, are discussed in greater detail below.

By providing us with your feedback it is now incumbent upon those of us in the Library to respond, and in so doing together we will improve the Library services, the collection, and the facility for all our patrons. Some of these improvements we have already implemented, others we hope to carry out in the very near future, and of course there are additional improvements that will require long-range planning. Thank you again for your participation in the survey!

Library Response


  • A new 8150 laptop printer was added to Floor 3. Over the summer, the Floor 2 laptop printer will be replaced with an 8150. Plans are also in place to convert the 2nd 8150 on Floor 4 to a laptop printer.
  • New staplers and hole-punches will be installed in all three copy rooms and the reference room.
  • The library will explore ways to better administer printing and reduce waste.


  • The remaining old carrel lights will be replaced this summer. Once the new lights are installed, there will be no more buzzing problems.
  • Outlets will be installed on both sides of the tables on Floors 2 and 4.
  • Color-coded maps will be created and posted through-out the library during the summer.
  • The library will explore options for the implementation of an online reservation system for Group Study Rooms.
  • The library will consider a change to the laptop ban on Floor 3 and consider ways to provide more laptop access while retaining a quiet area to study.
  • Temperature continues to be an important issue for students. However, the response to the temperature question was evenly split: 125 respondents rated the temperature as comfortable; 124 rated it as uncomfortable. Library staff will continue to monitor the temperature on a daily basis and make adjustments if necessary.

Web Page

  • The library’s Online Databases page will be re-designed to be more user-friendly.
  • The library will explore ways to make students aware of our online databases and how to use them.
  • A database that assists students in identifying which journals are available in which online service will be implemented.
  • My Columbo will be implemented. This feature will enable students to personalize their use of the library’s online catalog, Columbo. My Columbo will streamline access to online exams and facilitate management of your circulation record.


Security remains an important concern for the library. In the past year, the following changes were made:

  • Door guard coverage was increased to include more hours (11 am – 11:30 pm seven days a week) and also extended to cover most of the summer schedule.
  • Door guards register all visitors who enter the library and assist library staff in the enforcement of visitor rules and guidelines.

Some survey respondents complained that it is cumbersome to display their IDs twice (once to open the doors and then to the door guard). This policy is necessary in case more than one person enters the library at a time.

In response to concerns about theft, the library will take the following steps:

  • Install security anchors in about half of the carrels in the library. These anchors can be used to secure your laptop to the carrel.
  • A limited number of laptop locks will be available for loan at the circulation desk. Laptop locks can also be purchased at the campus bookstore.
  • The Law School Security Officer and library staff will continue to make regular sweeps through the library to ensure that valuables are not left unattended. We cannot stress enough the importance of safeguarding your valuables while in the library.
  • The library staff will continue to post notices of thefts so that students are aware if a theft has taken place. Please help us to keep the library secure by reporting all thefts and suspicious behavior to library staff.

Library Service

The library will explore ways to improve service in all areas. In particular:

  • The library will examine ways to continually provide a consistent level of service.
  • The library will look at ways to improve the Government Documents / Microform Room so that it is easier to locate needed materials.
  • The library will consider ways to expand and better advertise its Interlibrary Loan service.