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Conflict of Laws

A guide to researching issues in the area of Conflict of Laws


Conflict of Laws is a staple course at the Catholic University School of Law, and is a subject tested on the Virginia Bar exam.  Additionally, Conflict of Laws issues are embedded in other topics on the Multi-state Essay Exam (the MEE is a UBE component), although they do not appear as stand-alone questions.

The term "Conflict of Laws" describes generally the body of law that aspires to provide solutions to international or interstate disputes between persons or entities other than countries or states as such. A dispute is considered international or interstate if one or more of its constituent elements is connected with more than one country or state.  

"Conflict of Laws" is the term primarily used in the United States, Canada, and England & Wales, while "Private International Law" is the term used in Continental countries.

[Definition from Eugene Scoles et al, Conflict of Laws (4th ed.)]

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