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Student Scholarship

The purpose of this guide is to assist law students with writing and submitting an article for publication.


Although being on a law journal is not a pre-requisite to getting published, the process is obviously made easier for most students if they are a member of a journal.  The following articles provide some guidance to the law journal write-on process: 

  • Patrick Eoghan Murray, Write On! A Guide to Getting on Law Review (SSRN - 2014).
  • Andrew Yaphe, Taking Note of Notes: Student Legal Scholarship in Theory and Practice, 62 J. Legal Educ. 259 (2012).

There is no one source that can answer all the questions that arise in this decision making process, the following provide an excellent overview of the law journal article submission process:

  •  Allen K. Rostron & Nancy Levit, Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals (SSRN - updated regularly).
  •  Allen K. Rostron, et al., Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication (SSRN - updated regularly).

Submission Services


This electronic document delivery service developed by Berkely Electronic Press provides submission of articles to multiple journals and law reviews.  Even journals that do not currently receive electronic submission may be contacted through this service (for an additional fee).  Please note that The Catholic University currently maintains an institutional subscription to ExpressO, thereby allowing law students to submit their articles using this service.  Please be sure to use your email address when registering on ExpressO.

‚Äč Please contact Beth Edinger if you have encounter any difficulties registering or have other questions about this service.

Useful Books

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