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Library Borrowing Policies

Reserve Materials - Status Update

Batelle Labs has been testing library materials to determine how long COVID-19 survives. On June 22, they released results that concluded that after 3 days the virus was no longer detected on books and DVDs.  The law library will be putting a process in place that will quarantine all library materials for a minimum of 72 hours after they have been handled.

Unfortunately, the need for a 3 day quarantine means that materials will not be available at the Circulation Desk for students to borrow as in the past.

  • Textbooks will not be available. For publisher discounts, please check the page below.
  • Print study aids will not be available. All of the law library's print study aids, with the exception of the Aspen Student Treatise series, are available electronically. See the page below for more information.
  • Power cords, laptop tables, etc., will not be available.

Loan Periods

Books: stacks

CUA Law students

4 weeks (2 renewals allowed)

CUA Law faculty

6 months

CUA Law alumni

2 weeks (1 renewal allowed)

CUA community

2 weeks (1 renewal allowed)

CUA Law journal staff

1 semester, (1 renewal, student must present a journal borrowing card)

Books & dvds: lobby

CUA Law students, faculty, and alumni

2 weeks (1 renewal allowed)

CUA community  

2 weeks (1 renewal allowed)

Books & Audio Study Aids: reference skills & bar prep collection

CUA Law students, faculty, and alumni

1 week (1 renewal allowed)

Reserve materials: circulation desk

Books & DVDs

3 hours (1 renewal allowed)
Faculty: 2 weeks (1 renewal allowed)

Digital voice recorders   

8 hours (1 renewal allowed)

Mac and Windows power cords 8 hours ( 1 renewal allowed)

Laptop locks

8 hours (1 renewal allowed)


2 days (1 renewal allowed)


8 hours (1 renewal allowed)

Locker Keys

8 hours (1 renewal allowed)

NOTE: Visitors to the law library must present a valid driver's license in order to use reserve materials. Visitors may use reserve books, and DVDs (a key to an AV room will be supplied).



All materials may be renewed online except for materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. Please contact the circulation department to request a renewal for an Interlibrary Loan.

To renew:

  1. Login to your library account (see link below)
  2. Click the "items currently checked out" link
  3. Check the appropriate boxes in the renew column and click "Renew Selected." If you want to renew everything, simply click "Renew All."

If the item renews successfully, a new due date will appear under "Status."

If an item does not renew, a message will appear on the screen. Possible reasons an item does not renew:

  1. Too many renewals: the item has been renewed the maximum number of times. Please return the item to avoid being charged overdue fines.
  2. You owe too much money: you must pay your overdue fees before you can renew your items. Pay your fees or return the item(s) to avoid being charged overdue fines.
  3. Too soon to renew: the item was just checked out. Wait a few days and try again.

Circulation & Access Services

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