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Library Services and Instructional Continuity - Students

Electronic Bluebook

In response to the University moving to online classes, the Law Library has worked with the publisher of the Bluebook to offer CUA law students complimentary online access. These codes were given as a courtesy and we cannot guarantee that they will work the full 60 days or be accepted. 

To set up a subscription:

  1. Email and request a code
  2. Enter the code at where it says "Bluebook Key Redemption"
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a username (unique and active email address) and password. You only use the key once. From that point forward, you access your account with your username and password.

The subscription is active 60 days from the date you redeem this key on the website.

After you set up your account you might need to log out and then log back in again to view site contents.

Blue Book

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