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1L & New Student Survival Guide

A guide to Law Library resources and services for new students at the Columbus School of Law


CUA-Secure is the University's authorized wireless network.

  • You must use CUA-Secure in order to print from your laptop in the law library.
  • You must use CUA-Secure to access most law library databases from your wireless device. You'll also need to enter your last name and law library barcode to access most databases.

To login to CUA-Secure, enter your CUA user name and password:

  • Identity = CUA user name
  • Anonymous identity: leave this blank
  • Password: CUA network password

Access to CUA-Secure is restricted to CUA students, faculty, and staff.

Can't login?

You may need to reset your password. Use the link below.


Eduroam (“education roaming”) is a secure worldwide wireless access service that enables students, faculty, and staff to use their home institution's credentials to connect to the Internet from any institution that participates in Eduroam. CUA is an active Eduroam member.

Catholic University students, faculty, and staff who plan to visit an institution that has Eduroam can connect to Eduroam at that institution using their Cardinal Credentials. (Note: You must enter your full Catholic University e-mail address when you log in.)

Verify that the institution you're visiting is a participating member of the Eduroam network at the link below.

CUA Guest

CUA Guest is the University's open-access wireless network. You cannot print  from CUA Guest. You cannot access most law library databases from CUA Guest.

Not sure which network you're using?

Not sure which wireless network you're using?

  • Mac: Click the wifi (Airport) icon
  • Windows: Click the wifi icon
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