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Law Journal Staff: A Research & Policy Guide: Getting Started

A guide for staff members of the various law journals at CUA Law. The guide provides some tips for source collection and outlines some of the library's policies applicable to the journals.

Tips & Suggestions

Research Help

Reference librarians are happy to help with cite checking and source collecting. Reference librarians are usually on duty Monday - Thursday, 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am - 5pm, and Sunday, noon - 8pm. Click the "Need Help" tab for contact information.

Obtain the Entire Article You Are Checking

Often journal staff have only a certain portion of the footnotes, but are trying to check a source previously cited (e.g. "Supra note 2, at 233").  In some cases they do not have the reference for footnote 2, or if they do, the person who is cite checking footnote 2 has the book off the shelf. Often a footnote needs to be seen in the context of the entire article before we can determine what is being referred to.The reference librarians can therefore better assist you if they can view a copy of the entire article being cite checked.

Organize Cite Checking by Source

If possible, group cite checking tasks by the sources you need to check, rather than by footnote number. As noted above, you may have several footnotes that refer to the same source.

Analyze Sources

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what your source is (book, report, hearing, treaty, etc.). Check the Bluebook Tables and Index for help. Check the Bieber Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations for help with abbreviations.

Check Other Sources When Citing

If you are unsure how to cite to a source, check to see if it has been cited before in a well respected law review. Use other attempts at citing only as a guide; always consult the Bluebook.

Legal Citation

The following are at the Circulation Desk unless otherwise noted.


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