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Virginia Legal Research

A guide to researching the law of Virginia using the resources of the Kathryn J. DuFour Law Library

Court Rules

Court rules are available in volume 11 of the Code of Virginia (Reference and Stacks KFV2430 1950 .A4).  In addition, the following sources provide access to Virginia court rules.

  • Virginia Court Rules and Procedure: State and Federal (KFV2929 A19).  This annual publication includes rules for the various state and federal courts in Virginia.
  • Virginia Forms (KFV2468 V57).  A multi-volume set updated by pocket parts and replacement volumes.  
  • Virginia Model Jury Instructions: Civil (KFV2942 M6). A two volume loose-leaf set updated annually.
  • Virginia Jury Instructions (KFV2942 E47).   A one volume set with annual replacement volumes.
  • Virginia’s Judicial System.  This site contains links to rules, forms, and a variety of resources related to the Virginia court system.
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